Lights,Camera, Fashion!

I know, I know. It’s such a cliche’ but come on how else would describe the Oscars?

It’s a splendid time of the year where fashion and film swirl into a mass of organza, beads, hairspray,and golden statues. It’s Oscar night and many people are looking forward to it. Many of us enjoy watching the red carpet more to see what attendees are wearing. We watch the interviews and start our inner recorders when the celebrity is asked “who are you wearing?” This moment can make or break a designers career. We all know famous  fashions such as the swan dress or the famous barely there frock Halley Berry wore when she accepted her Oscar. That dress was featured later on as an option for a prom dress, but that’s for another day. 

There is something about award shows and watching the red carpet that transports the viewer into a glimpse of celebrity life. They learn the cost and relative value of what the celebrity and the designer holds. This can be ,of course, debated. Over the past few years, I have had my own qualms with these award shows, the flaunting of affluence, and possible reprecusions of watching these events. (That’s why I didn’t watch most of them the past several years. It was getting too ridiculous. A manicure cam really?) At one of time or another we have looked up to celebrity, athlete, or leader and envied their life. We aspired to be just like them, not for who they are or what they do,but rather the amount of money they have and how they spent it. We can definitely see this with the rise of the celebutaunt. We saw them everywhere for no apparent reason. We did not know much about them except they were rich. This ushered a following of mainstream ideals where we placed value on different facets of our lives. Kids were saying they wanted to be like because they were rich or they wish that their parents got them product Y because bought it. This also ushered in a more competition for brands/designers to nab certain celebrities to endorse their product. I remember seeing Jennifer Lopez have a spread with Louis Vuitton one year then Mikael Gorbechev a few years later. Jennifer’s celebrity at the time was massive and she had a large following. I liked her style but the ads she was in for LV seemed a little too much for me. I didn’t really want a bag because too many will also be copying her style. However, when Gorbochev had LV suitcases, I felt different. Here was a man who led Russia into a new era away from Communism. He was pinnacle to our modern history. So this bag he holds from LV seems to take on a much different value as “I want to be a movie star or rich!” to “I want to be a world leader.” Though I am biased with my love of history, a shift in perspective really gave me some insight as to who I am and what I want to do with my life. Perhaps these ads are made that way for one to reflect upon themselves and question than just I want this, I want that. 

But these award shows should celebrate film not make countless numbers of people envy the wealth of the few attendees. We should look at movies and these actors to inspire us to be our best selves not look at them with envy and disdain for their success.  Over the past few months, movies have been one of the few things I could do to break out the unemployment depression. It was an escape. It showed struggle and triumph. That is what I loved about LaLa Land in particular. The movie was divine and had such a great time watching it. It really brought me to thinking about working on my dreams. The two characters had their own flaws which also made the movie so relatable. I also loved the cinematography, setting, and fashion. It brought something nice out of their struggles. ( I read somewhere of Emma Stone and Ryan Gossling discussing their own struggles as actors and how much work it took to get where they are. ) The music was amazing of course.

Though many people have debated many facets of this movie and made accusations, it’s still one of my favorites. You can’t hate a movie you love. When I watched it, I only had one job interview in almost 2 months. I had little hope of returning to work in Las Vegas but still held out for some odd reason. It’s good I didn’t,but it still hurts that I wasn’t chosen for those projects. So I saw this movie and something awakened in me. After the movie ended, I drove around for a little bit crying and questioning what I should do with my life. I cried for the dreams I was about to give up because I have been down for so long and I couldn’t see a way up. I was just struggling. I had contemplated whether I had any value whatsoever and what was wrong with me that I wasn’t able to get a job. It still hurts me,but I have settled in on staying who I am instead of conforming to what the boss/employer wanted. That approach never works anyways. So this movie with the beautiful setting and fashion really brought me to realize that I need to keep at my dreams instead of giving/growing up to something I never wanted in the first place. This movie was very human and I really took everything to heart. So thanks to all who made that movie. It was one that saved me from myself or rather giving up on myself.

The other facet of LaLa Land was the fashion and how it was complimentary to the actors and the movie overall. I’m glad they chose vintage siholettes as to show how their aspirations were kind of antiqued compared to the world around them. It made them stand out of course and show how different they were from the rest of LA. I also liked the more conservative cuts of the dresses. Something you can definitely wear to work or another place that requires more polished look. For sure that yellow dress was phenominal and want one just like it. The joy and fun that illuminated from the dress and Emma Stone’s face really brought a lighter side to the daily struggle of figuring out your life. There is something about fashion that can bring out emotions/hope that would not have been seen otherwise. (I really hope they win for best costuming.) Even Ryan’s Oxfords were amazing and I wanted to pull mine out. So if you haven’t seen LaLa Land yet, go see it!

In closing, let’s celebrate and watch people see their dreams come true. Let’s watch designers ideas come to life. Let’s watch ourselves become enlightened by the triumphs of others and want to become our best selves. Why waste precious time and energy envying others and wishing to be rich instead of working on our own goals and to be a celebrity to those we love!


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