Old Adage of Mixing Patterns

It seems every fashion blog, magazine, unsolicited advice eventually comes to this “new” idea of mixing patterns. They seem to go by the same rules of proportion and balance. In most situations it works, however not all are meant for this aesthetic. Over the past several years, eclecticism has become popular. Fashion has always embraced it,but I found to be troubling was how mainstream it had become. For something I had been teased and taunted for years by those didn’t understand ; seeing them embrace this way of style has me on edge. Why should I let those people hock something I had done all of my life. Truly it makes them look like hypocrites and a bit disheveled. But I digress, this aesthetic is part of who I am and yet others who I grew up with and what not are now trying to use it. It’s like having gap teeth and little bitch kids teasing you for it then them getting their teeth gapped because it’s in. It also makes me feel like I am only relevant to these people if what I am doing is En’Vogue. Overall, this ideal has a personal root and deeper underlining to problems I don’t quite understand. Or this all a big joke on the mainstream culture.

Back to the subject, I love mixing patterns and do it often. However, I also use mixing patterns for a narrative or idea I want to express. For example, the picture above shows a mix of  stripes, floral,and leopard prints. The floral and stripes go very well together as a Latin American influence and the Leopard gives some South American aesthetic as the print represents leopards in the wild and the cultures who are as vibrant as the print itself. This which reminds me of Frida Khalo and how her art and herself were as vibrant as the colors on my bag. She was the first female artist I really identified with. Her struggle through life and her health really gave me perspective on her art. I used to think there was something wrong with her pieces and really didn’t like them,until I read more about her. Then for a Non Western Art History class, I got to analyze one of her pieces for a major project. I got a good grade, btw. So by wearing this gave me a good memory and a reminder to be myself instead of trying to hide in the masses.

The next time you feel in a creative/fashion slump, try this.  It’s like costuming and takes your mind into a different space or time. I won’t bore you with details/instructions as too many publications have instructed before,but I will encourage to explore and have fun with fashion (or not depending on your mood). I see fashion as an extension of myself and have embraced myself even more after seeing what new outfits/narratives I come up with. I hope you do too!



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